RF Cabling and Interconnect

Integrity Microwave offers ruggedized, custom high-performance RF cable assemblies from 100 kHz to 20 GHz, designed and built to your specified requirements. All cable and connector types are supported, and we test each cable assembly 100%. Contact Us with your detailed RF interconnect requirement, or if you aren’t sure what you need, tell us about your application and we would be happy to assist you in selecting the proper interconnect solution.

RF Cabling and Interconnect

Our RF Cabling and Interconnect Solutions are designed, built and tested for a lifetime of rugged performance. We support all cable types including RG-213, RG-8, LMR-ALL, RG-316, RG-58, RG-402, RG-174, etc. We also support all connector types including UHF, Type-N, DIN 4.3-10, TNC, BNC, QMA, QN, SMA, SMB, MCX, etc. We reinforce our connections with dual-wall adhesive heat shrink for maximum strain relief and reliability.


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